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Money that can last your lifetime.  An Annuity provides steady income during retirement years over your lifetime or you can choose a specific number of years. This can be used in conjunction with Social Security and your retirement saving to create more diversified financial security.

Employer Group Health

Keep and attract the best employees with group health. Get the best rates with “Level-Funded” options or simply choose an ACA plan. Plans are available with as few as 2 up to over 1000 (enrolled).

Employer Group Dental

Proper Dental care is Key to a healthy mouth and supports your overall health and well being. We’ll show the best plan the No waiting period, Unlimited Annual maximum and the ability to retain your current dentist or choose from one of the largest network of provider.

Employer Group Life

As an Employer, you are trusted by your employees, and most depend on you for guidance. They will usually take advantage of this opportunity if endorsed by you. Group Life Insurance can be guaranteed issued with the needed/required participation. Enrollment has as few 2 questions. This coverage can be employer-Sponsored or on a Voluntary basis.

Disability (individual)

Your income is one of your most Valuable assets. Protect it with disability insurance (DI).