Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t understand how life Insurance works…can you help?

We think Life Insurance is really simple and one of our goals when you work with us is to help you feel the same. We’ll ask a few questions, point you in the right direction with coverage and benefits you understand and can afford while having it work for you.

I have a health condition, overweight, take a medication, or was previously declined for coverage…can you help?

First of all, with us, all of your information is CONFIDENTIAL. Insurance carriers have different underwriting criteria. Most (carrier) also have actual doctors working along with underwriters to help evaluate health risk based on current lifestyle and previous medical history. Some will accept certain health risk with no extra charge while others may ask for extra premium or decline. A few may even look at family history. We’ve been writing Life insurance for more than 30 years and know where to guide you. Bring your challenges…We’ll find coverage that works for you.

I have coverage through my employer. Why should I have another policy?

If you have coverage through your employer, in most cases you will likely lose that coverage when you retire or leave employment. Because most employer-sponsored life insurance offer term Life which you are automatically qualifies you based on employment. This coverage also reduced at certain age intervals (60/65/70). For this reason, you’ll want to consider a personal policy with benefits that works for you and is in your control.

How much do I need?

Almost everyone has different needs. We’ll help by asking a few questions or have you complete a simple form of what you want to happen in case of your premature death, financial obligations (mortgage, credit Cards, College for children, etc). We can also cater your amount of coverage to fit your monthly budget.

Will I have to take an exam?

Not in most cases. We have carriers that offer up to $2 million that requires no exam. Again this is based on which insurance company you consider applying with. If an exam is required, there is no cost to you.

Are there any application fees?

There are NO application fees

Is there any Federal or state Taxes due on Life insurance proceeds?

If the premiums were written off as a deduction on your (or employer) income taxes then yes, the death benefit is taxable (this would normally be the case if your employer paid for your coverage with no deduction from your income).

How long does approval take?

The normal process is 3-21 days. A few reason this might take longer can be based on the amount applying for, which carrier, your medical history (provider timing on releasing your medical records).

Do I need to visit with an Agent?

This process can be done with a face to face (or face-time) visit from an agent or electronically. All of your information is CONFIDENTIAL. Let us know what works for you!